[poppler] Replace all projects in /utils/ with one big conglomerate project

Pino Toscano pino at kde.org
Sun Oct 30 12:13:44 PDT 2011

Alle domenica 30 ottobre 2011, Alec Taylor ha scritto:
> Info:
> • Running the tool will give "ConvertPDF <version>\n built with
> pdftohtml <version>\n\n<available-args>\n".

When the tools can also be a bit unrelated to each other (what do eg 
pdftoppm and pdfunite have in common, other than taking a PDF file as 
input?), putting them in a single blob surely doesn't make them more 
easy to use.

> Advantages:
> • By integrating all projects currently in the utils folder into the
> one project will simplify tool usage, and help reduce repeat code.

Certanly not, and any repeated code could be reduced even in the current 

> • It will also help pave the way for cleaner code (just #include
> "..\ConvertPDF.h") and

... ?

> • [perhaps most notably] change all projects currently in the \utils\
> subdirectory into libraries.

Why should they be libraries? Assuming they should be compiled in a 
single tool, they can be compiled directly together, no need for 
convenience libraries.

> Please share your thoughts on this idea.

IMHO the whole idea is a bit nonsense. 
If you have some goal you want to achive, then just tell it, and we'll 
see how to eventually get to it.

Pino Toscano
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