[poppler] Annot rendering improvements

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Apr 8 07:55:10 PDT 2012

El Dissabte, 7 d'abril de 2012, a les 13:30:37, Fabio D'Urso va escriure:
> I've just finished the bbox part. Since I also changed the AnnotLine patch,
> I'm reposting all the final patches yet to be committed.

Commited them.


> > Since we're so close to release I'd just disable clipping for generated
> > appearances for now. After all, we never export the generated appearance,
> > therefore it won't cause incompatibilities with other readers.
> Unfortunately this workaround only worked for non-transparent annots,
> therefore I had to implement proper bbox adjustment for generated
> appearances that potentially draw out of the bbox (AnnotLine, AnnotPolygon,
> AnnotInk and AnnotTextMarkup).
> The bbox is recalculated in *::draw, but the result is stored different
> object than rect, so that the rect can't change out of user control.
> In particular, I initialize the new bounding box as the rect, and grow it if
> necessary. These changes are in 0008 and 0009.
> Note: In 0009 I removed a check that forced AnnotTextMarkup's quadrilaterals
> within the rect at initialization time. Now it behaves like acroread.
> > * = Actually, AnnotLine already changes rect from draw (as workaround for
> > pdf_commenting_new), but I don't feel comfortable with this approach.
> This workaround is not needed any more. Patch 0008 removes it.

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