[poppler] Poppler 0.19.1 (0.20 Beta 1) released

Carlos Garcia Campos carlosgc at gnome.org
Mon Mar 19 05:21:41 PDT 2012

Excerpts from Thomas Freitag's message of lun mar 19 08:05:18 +0100 2012:
> Am 16.03.2012 16:08, schrieb Carlos Garcia Campos:

> > The xpdf303 merge introduced some regressions in the cairo backend,
> > I'll try to find some time this weekend to send more details to the list.
> Seems as if You haven't found the time to take a deeper look into
> > it.

Yes, sorry. I wanted to run git bisect to find the commits that
introduced the regressions, but there are several revisions where the
build is broken, which makes a bit more difficult to run git bisect. I
haven't still had time to run it, so I'll just give you the pdf files

> So 
> here just hint: if it comes from the part I merged, I see two possibilities:
> 1. Radial shading
> I wasn't able to merge the changes in the xpdf algorithm in the Gfx area 
> for radial shading with our algorithm. I took over the xpdf algorithm in 
> the hope that it fixes some regressions in the cairo backend and made 
> only a few tests. These tests showed neither an enhancement nor a new 
> regression, but I let the xpdf algorithm in. If this change causes a 
> regression in the cairo backend with PDF I haven't tested, we can revert 
> that change: No one of our backends uses the Gfx algorithm anymore 
> beside the cairo backend, all other backends implements the radial 
> shading by itself.

Yes, that's seems to be the case of duck and roses, ClarityOCGs and

You already have ducks and roses, ClarityOCGs is in
http://acroeng.adobe.com/Test_Files/OCG/ and 3e2247elecciones_01p is

> 2. Text rendering, especially output text in pattern colorspace
> Rendering text in pattern colorspace was now also introduced by xpdf, 
> and it was a much cleaner and more understandable solution than mine. 
> But therefore I needed to change every backend to support the new 
> solution. It was quite easy for me to change it in the postscript and 
> the splash backend where I understand what these backends are doing. I 
> thought that I also understood what I need to change in the cairo 
> backend and did it. I made a complete regtest in the spash backend, but 
> only a few tests in postscript and cairo backend to see if my changes 
> work at all, but of course it's possible that there were some 
> misunderstanding from me especially in the cairo backend.

Not sure this is the case, but there are several regressions related
to text rendering:

pdf_commenting_new.pdf, pdf_drawing_new.pdf and pdf_filler_new.pdf use
a different font. You can just google for these files.

prosper-tour.pdf renders text in itallic in page 8. You can also
google for this file.

microtype.pdf, incorrectly places text, you can find this one in
http://acroeng.adobe.com/Test_Files/OCG/ too.

> Perhaps this helps...

You can use poppler-regtest using revision 92ce79 to create the
reference images, and current git master to run the tests and see the

Carlos Garcia Campos
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