[poppler] Postscript files created with pdftops cannot be re-exported as Postscript by typesetting programs

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Oct 9 09:47:07 PDT 2012

El Dimarts, 9 d'octubre de 2012, a les 18:47:02, amartyo banerjee va escriure:
> Hi,


> I work for a typesetting company. We are at the moment trying to move
> to a PDF-based workflow w.r.t. handling images as EPS workflow is
> unreliable due to font embedding issues. We have some legacy systems
> that cannot import PDF files. In those cases we use pdftops to convert
> the PDF files to Postscript. The problem is that when these Postscript
> files are imported into the legacy software, and then re-exported as
> Postscript, the resulting file seems to be broken in some way. This
> happens whether importing into 3B2, QuarkXpress or InDesign. These
> programs do not have any problems with Postscript files created by
> Illustrator. Direct export to PDF also works fine in these typesetting
> systems. It is the export to Postscript that produces files that
> flashes the images briefly and disappears in Ghostscript.
> The problem occurs with poppler versions 0.18.4 and 0.12.4, and when
> pdftops is invoked with any one of the 'level3sep', 'level2sep' or
> 'level1sep' options.
> I have some sample files which show this problem. pdftops exits with
> value 0 when converting these PDFs and does not display any warnings.
> The resulting Postscript files look fine when viewed with Ghostscript
> or any of the above mentioned programs. When it comes time to export
> as Postscript using these programs, the output file is broken,
> including when viewed with Ghostscript; the images briefly show-up and
> disappear.

On a first approach, if ghostscript can render the ps pdftops generates 
correctly but Illustrator can not, it'd say it's an Illustrator bug not a 
pdftops one.

> Any help in figuring out why this is so would be most welcome. Please
> let me know where I can post the sample files. Is it fine to attach
> them to an email posted to this list? Or should I look elsewhere to
> track this down?

bugs.freedesktop.org is what we use to track bugs, as said i'm not sure this 
is a bug, but you can open a bug there and attach the file.


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