[poppler] Implement overprint in qt interface?

Thomas Freitag Thomas.Freitag at kabelmail.de
Sun Oct 14 10:41:26 PDT 2012

On 14.10.2012 17:21, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El Diumenge, 14 d'octubre de 2012, a les 13:47:29, Thomas Freitag va escriure:
>> Hi folks!
>> Is there anybody in the community who wants the possibility to simulate
>> overprint in qt library?
>> With the implementation of DeviceN support in splash this is quite easy
>> now, so I can upload a patch.
> Sure, why not? Let's see the patch :-)
Okay, here it is. In a few places it has already a similar 
implementation than in bug 50992 (thread safe), because changing the 
overprint option also meant that we need a different SplashOutputDev 
instance. But You probably also want to test it in okular? Even if we 
are here not on an okular list, I attach the okular patch here, too. 
Also here, it has already the changes from bug 50992. But because 
POPPLER_QT_THREADSAFE is not defined here, it doesn't make any 
difference, so I let these changes as they are. BTW, I'm not really 
familiar with qt programming, so most changes in okular are more or less 
a (hopefully) best guess.

> Cheers,
>    Albert
>> For everybody who doesn't know anything about overprint I attach three
>> screenshots which shows the implementation in okular.
>> (This is not fake, I made a small apprentice piece today morning :-) )
>> Cheers,
>> Thomas
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