[poppler] Proposed patch for bug #99271

Jüttner, Hans-Ulrich huj at froreich-bioscientia.de
Tue May 16 09:40:28 UTC 2017

Hello everybody,

I've attached a patch to bug #99271 on Bugzilla.

The proposed patch would fix this bug.

The Qt5 interface in qt5/src/poppler-form.h gets the following
new methods:

QString signerSubjectDN() const;
QString getHashAlgorithmName() const;
const QByteArray& getSignature() const;
QList<qint64> signedRangeBounds() const;
bool signsTotalDocument() const;

Moreover, the interface of method validate in qt5/src/poppler-form.h
is extended to take an optional validation time:

SignatureValidationInfo validate(int opt,
   const QDateTime& validationTime = QDateTime()) const;

The binary pdfsig with this patch also tells the full Distinguished Name
of the signer and the Hash Algorithm used for signing.

I hope this will be helpful.

Best regards,

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Jüttner
Software Development

Labor Dr. von Froreich - Bioscientia GmbH
Großmoorbogen 25
21079 Hamburg

Fon +49 (40) 766 96-305
Fax +49 (40) 766 96-334
Web www.froreich-bioscientia.de

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