[poppler] PDF 2.0 Spec

Leonard Rosenthol lrosenth at adobe.com
Wed Nov 7 12:36:26 UTC 2018

Acrobat supports many parts of PDF 2.0, but not all.  Like all companies we'll decide which ones are important to our customers and implement them as needed.

Just a reminder that while purchase of an ISO specification costs $$, participation in the development process of the standard (in most countries) is FREE!   (which is the opposite of groups like the W3C, where membership costs $$, but the results are free).  Neither is perfect.

That draft document should never have been posted in the first place...


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As said by Tobias on a merge request, at some point we'll probably start seeing bugs because of features used in PDF 2.0 that we don't support.

TBH i've no idea if Adobe products support it right now, but i guess they eventually will.

Problem is in typical ISO fashion the spec is not freely available.

Also as typical it is relatively easy to find a draft spec on their own website

Which given it's freely available on the internet I have only to guess it's fine to download.

But of course it's a draft so one would not want to use it as definitive answer.

At this point the only answer I have is, I guess we could convince the KDE e.V. or the GNOME Foundation to sponsor the Euros to someone that really wants to read the document (and has a track record of contributing to poppler).


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