[poppler] PDF 2.0 Spec

Tobias Deiminger haxtibal at posteo.de
Thu Nov 29 18:29:02 UTC 2018

Am 29.11.2018 19:20 schrieb Tobias Deiminger:
> Am 29.11.2018 17:17 schrieb Leonard Rosenthol:
>>> The exception is citing - e.g. if you want to
>>>    copy paragraphs word by word into source code or issue comments, 
>>> you
>>>    need a copy of the standard.
>> You can't do that with an ISO document.  ISO does not permit copying
>> of their material.   You can, of course, cite the section (and
>> paragraph, note, etc.) in code - for which you would need the PDF
>> standard itself.
> Copying is obviously not allowed. But that copyright holders are able
> to prevent citation of extracts surprises me. I'm used to German law §
> 51 UrhG, which explicitly allows citing excerpts of copyrighted
> material without acknowledgement from authors (with some if's and
> when's, but should apply here). Is this different in other countries?
> How does this work on international stage?
> In [0], ISO/IEC allow citation conditionally. See "Extracting parts of
> a standard for inclusion in the company's internal documentation,
> user’s guide or manuals", and "Including parts of a standard in books
> or software applications". Anyway, would be really sad if we're not
> allowed to do it.

Ah, sorry, maybe we misunderstood? In my example I meant this: While we 
own a copy (using the licensing model explained earlier in this thread), 
we're allowed to cite extracts. While not, we're not allowed to cite. I 
didn't mean to copy anything without owning a copy.

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