[poppler] PDF 2.0 Spec

Tobias Deiminger haxtibal at posteo.de
Thu Nov 29 18:20:34 UTC 2018

Am 29.11.2018 17:17 schrieb Leonard Rosenthol:
>> The exception is citing - e.g. if you want to
>>    copy paragraphs word by word into source code or issue comments, 
>> you
>>    need a copy of the standard.
> You can't do that with an ISO document.  ISO does not permit copying
> of their material.   You can, of course, cite the section (and
> paragraph, note, etc.) in code - for which you would need the PDF
> standard itself.

Copying is obviously not allowed. But that copyright holders are able to 
prevent citation of extracts surprises me. I'm used to German law § 51 
UrhG, which explicitly allows citing excerpts of copyrighted material 
without acknowledgement from authors (with some if's and when's, but 
should apply here). Is this different in other countries? How does this 
work on international stage?

In [0], ISO/IEC allow citation conditionally. See "Extracting parts of a 
standard for inclusion in the company's internal documentation, user’s 
guide or manuals", and "Including parts of a standard in books or 
software applications". Anyway, would be really sad if we're not allowed 
to do it.


[0] https://www.iec.ch/about/brochures/pdf/about_iec/iec_copyright-e.pdf

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