[poppler] Using PDF tools to extract links from images?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Jan 9 21:59:47 UTC 2019

El dimecres, 9 de gener de 2019, a les 21:29:59 CET, John LaCour va escriure:
> I have a number of PDFs that have images that are hyperlinks to URIs.    For example, I see this in the PDF file:
> <</Subtype/Link/Rect[ 167.3 515.83 429.43 561.1] /BS<</W 0>>/F 4/A<</Type/Action/S/URI/URI(https://host.com/path/file.php) >>/StructParent 1>>
> I want to extract the URI:  https://host.com/path/file.php
> Easy enough to do parse out the URL if I can get the tools to output something with the URI, but none of the poppler pdf tools seems to spit this out.

maybe pdftohtml?

> Is there any way to extract this information with the poppler PDF tools?    Am I missing something?
> Is there a PDF tool that will just give the raw dump of the contents (handling the decompression, field markers, etc.) ?
> Thanks
> John
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