[poppler] How to specify format of output numbering?

Abigaile Johannesburg abij at tuta.io
Thu Jan 10 00:09:58 UTC 2019


The default output numbering of pdfimages is 3 digit, e.g,  image-root-nnn.xxx. But if there are more than 1,000 ouput images, there will be files image-root-nnn.xxx (3 digit number sequence) and image-root-nnnn.xxx (4 digit number sequence). When processing book images in bash, the ordering needs a fix. At the moment I use rename 

rename 's/img-([0-9]{3}).pbm/img-0$1.pbm/' *.pbm

Therefore I was wondering if there is a way to specify the format of output numbering directly in pdfimages. 

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