[Portland] kdialog and zenity

Benjamin Meyer bmeyer at trolltech.com
Tue Apr 18 15:15:12 EEST 2006

(This falls under open a file/directory/url selector dialog from shell script 
in the Medium Term Tasks)

For the file open script I was looking at kdialog and zenity, they both have 
problems with their output when requesting multiple files.  kdialog uses 
spaces for separators and zenity uses pipe (but is configurable to spaces).  
If you have a file with spaces or pipes in them they both happily spit them 
out unfortunately.

A few questions:
- Anyone happen to know if gnome has an official application like kdialog for 
command line dialogs?
- Would Encoded url's be the preferred output (especially with virtual fs's 
being more used these days)?
-Anyone else started working on this?

The four wanted file dialogs
get existing directory
get file to open
get files to open
get file to save to

The the following options
window title
start directory

zenity doesn't seem to offer the filter option (at this time) 


-Benjamin Meyer

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