[Promotion] Rolling up things

Thilo Pfennig tpfennig at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 17:13:36 PST 2006

2006/12/13, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at kde.org>:

> marketing team, getting some strategic things right. (Not sure if you're
> subscribed to kde-promo, if so, you might have see some of that stuff come
> along lately.)

I have subscribed for a while but the reduces mailing lists.

> During a branding and strategy meeting some weeks ago, we clearly stated that
> we should not work in any direction against GNOME

Nice to hear.

> As a comment on your proposal of a Freedesktop Foundation, I'm not sure that
> it makes sense at this point.

Maybe you are right. I think it will make sense at some point but
unsure when. I do not think that it is should be an immediate goal.
But I think it is time to think about it. As you said: KDE is active
for itself, so the free desktop thing is getting less love for  a
while. While this is understandable I think this will happen every now
and then and will now allow to do a more continuous work. I think
priorities will shift in the not so far future. Especially if we all
know that there are not endless financial ressources for both projects
and so cooperation gets more and more essential.


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