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#763: PulseAudioStoleMyVolumes
 Reporter:  liette  |       Owner:  Pulse Audio Staff
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 After reading this I now know that ALL my audio problems are actually by
 design & NOT a bug. Why would anyone even DREAM of putting all the
 controllers into one? - that would be equivalent to a graphics equalizer
 with only one slider. Or an airplane cockpit with only one control.

 Forget the dB, VU, % or whatever term you want to use. The average user
 isn't going to understand those terms anyway. So I will tell you that a
 logarithmic (NON-linear) control isn't by any means acceptable. I barely
 move the slider (1/16" if THAT much) & it goes from nothing to blaring &
 I'm almost deaf as it is. So I can see why people say 100%.

 To use this as is would mean a "set & forget" approach - well as an
 Amateur Radio Op. I NEED a very fine audio control or I can ruin a radio.
 Also, as a family man I can't be having the audio blasting & disturbing
 (possibly waking) others, not to mention damage to THERE ears - recall I'm
 almost deaf so I'd have to have the volume up as it is?

 Please, either provide a "tool" to put this back as it was (for those that
 want it) & make sure that people know about it. Or provide detailed
 instructions on how to do it. Again letting people know that it exist.


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