[pulseaudio-discuss] Command Line Language Volume 2

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Fri Dec 22 00:23:17 PST 2006

Max Kempter wrote:
> Hi,
> to connect a host with 
> „arecord -Dpulse -r48000 -fS16_LE -c2 | pacat -p -s --rate=48000 --channels=2 –format=s16le“
> works.
> It was the exact idea that pacat and arecord have different defaults. And so the data is not compatible.
> But this isn`t a satisfied solution for me. Because to initiate a connection with a command like this, needs a long time, nearly 1 second, and the quality is poor (delay nearly more than 0.5 seconds and reverbation sound).

The delay is probably caused by buffering. Try tweaking the buffer
settings for both arecord and pacat.

> So I tried it with pacmd-tool and the rtp-send-module, but I had 
> some trouble with it, because I want only connect one or two hosts
> at the same time. 
> Actually no problem with the parameter destination=“multicast address“ (rtp-send....). But for this I have to install a router, where I can define the multicast adresses ?! It`s a good idea for big networks, but I have only few hosts in the same domain.
> Is there a possibilty to set the multicast adresses locally? You know a HOWTO?

Multicast should always work on a LAN, and the rtp-recv module should
register the relevant address. Try running both on the same machine to
make sure it isn't a network problem.

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