[polypaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] Polypaudio 0.9.0

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon May 29 07:36:40 PDT 2006

On Mon, 29.05.06 15:41, Jan Schmidt (thaytan at noraisin.net) wrote:

> The guidelines for moving plugins between modules are here:
> http://webcvs.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gstreamer/docs/random/moving-plugins?rev=1.5&view=markup

Mhmm, that looks like a lot of bureaucracy to me. I don't think I want
to go through all those requirements just to get gst-polyp included
into upstream gstreamer.

Unless someone else wants to do the work this means that gst-polyp
will live outside the upstream packages.

Especially the requirement to follow gstreamer indenting guidelines
seems a little bit too unreasonable in my eyes. 

The funny thing is that not event the ALSA plugin in GStreamer adheres
to those awkward guidelines: the code from gstalsamixer.c doesn't
generate errors with GST_ELEMENT_ERROR but with
GST_WARNING. polypmixer.c follows the ALSA plugin's lead here, so I
guess the polypaudio plugin has no place in gstreamer upstream.

Form the moving plugins guidelines, gst-polyp currently follows:

- license
- no segfault
- valgrind clean
- compiled-in description is correct
- gst-inspect output is clean
- LIBS/CFLAGS are in order
- uses GST_DEBUG
- descends from an applicable case class
- uses a custom debug category
- uses dashes for property names
- uses underscores for function names
- maintainer

It doesn't follow:
- coding style
- 1:1 mapping from class name to source file names
- no integration with gstreamer configure script (how could it?)
- no gtkdoc
- no tests
- no i18n
- GST_ELEMENT_ERROR is not used everywhere (just like the ALSA
  plugins, see above)
- no sponsor or core developer

Stuff I don't understand:
- "use correct value, name, nick for enums"
- "the manual tests should have a valgrind target"

I guess i should file a bug to request removal of the old gstreamer
plugin from polypaudio 0.7 times.

> The code for the gst-polyp module is LGPL, right? If so, I'm all for
> it being in gst-plugins-good.

Yes, it is LGPL.


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