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Fri Nov 10 07:34:15 PST 2006

I have to do a study thesis about how to distribute Audio in the LAN. I hope you are the right reciver for my questions.
It will be great for me if you help me.

So my exercise is to build a network with 10 clients, whose have the job to bring the signal from the microfon to a number of  other hosts, and to get it out the loudspeakers. 
So one time I will send to one station, the other time to two, five or nine stations.
This job should be possible for every client and also simultaneously. So I have at most 81 active channels. 

Now my Questions:

1.Is it a good idea to realise this with pulseaudio? I think so. After reading the FAQ, it sounds easy.

2.So I have to install one server with pulseaudio, but which programm I take for the clients (Alsaplayer?)? Or I have to install pulseaudio on each machine?

3. Do you have more documention then FAQ, MaillingList and Docu at the Homepage?

4. Is there something like a forum for stupied pulseaudio users? 

5. All the time I read about low latency, but do you have a value? Less then 10 ms?

I use a Debian Linux with Kernel 2.6 and my sound driver is ALSA v1.0.11rc4 and sounddevice is a onboard AC97.

thank you ahead!

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