[pulseaudio-discuss] something like "pasend"?

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Thu Nov 23 11:29:47 PST 2006

Max Kempter wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use different pulse audio hosts as different senders and recivers. 
> So,  sometimes I want to send from my local micro to Host A, sometimes only to Host B, sometimes to both (multicast).
> The function I need is something like a push-to-Talk script, or one commando line tool to intiate a call to a other host.
> I used paplay to distribute sound files; but is there also a easy tool like this to distribute sound from my mic into the LAN? And when I finished I want to stop the call.
> Like a simple phone with nobody who have to acknowledge the call. 
> Something like #:  pasend
>                       exit 

something like:

arecord | pacat -p -s

If you want multicast, then I would suggest some tool that can send rtp
(which pulse can pick up and play)

Otherwise you could do something fancy with pacmd and load module-tunnel
as needed.

> The other question is, that I want to know which method you use for prioritise the IP-packets. Layer 2 with 802.1p or Layer 3 with DiffServ/IntServ?

Pulse has no QoS functions. Those should be handled in layers below it.
As with most realtime applications, your primary concern is reducing jitter.

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