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Max Kempter kxam at gmx.net
Tue Nov 28 03:28:19 PST 2006

> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: pulseaudio-discuss Digest, Vol 20, Issue 4 (Pierre Ossman)
> Max Kempter wrote:
> > Thank you for answer my questuions, but I have some more:
> > 
> > 1. Could you give me some informations about the server hardware
> requirements for minimal failure rate and for budget implemention?
> No idea. It all depends on what you want the server to handle.

For a system with 20 Server (each per host). For each Host it should be possilbe to send to the others simultaneously. So in the worst case I have 19*20 active channels. 
When I only want to send voice I have a data rate for one channel about 64kb; for 19*20channels=380 channels; if I send each 3 ms a packet the data rate will go up to 92,1 Mbit/s (include the Ehternet-, IP-,UDP-, RTP- Header and 5 per cent RTCP- Traffic).
I only need a estimated value.

> > 2. Is it a good a idea to use Audio kernel with RealTime Preemption, if
> I want a low latency system? 
> Pulse does use any of the realtime syscalls, so I don't think it will
> get any performance gain.

Is there an other possibility to optimize the kernel for pulse audio? Which is the audio driver with the lowest latency for PA (alsa?)?

> > 3.How is it possible to adjust the Default Sample Rate/Type of the
> server? With sinks/sources it is not a problem, but...?  
> > 
> Not sure what you're asking here. The settings for clients are
> configured in the respective client application.

I mean the third row (Default Sample Type) at the PA Manager GUI; first tab (Server Information). 

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