[pulseaudio-discuss] System-wide daemon howto/best practices

Jan Kasprzak kas at fi.muni.cz
Wed Aug 29 11:38:51 PDT 2007

	Hello all,

on my home workstation I use a dual-seated setup (two monitors, two
keyboards, two VGA cards, etc. - two independent users). I am looking for
a way of using the sound card by both users simultaneously
(I have problem that when one user's application opens the sound
device and keeps it opened, the other user's ekiga cannot use it,
which is quite annoying especially when receiving an incoming call).

	I thought system-wide PulseAudio daemon might be the correct
answer. I have read http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/SystemWideInstance,
but I am not sure about how to best configure it:

* Is there any prebuilt init script for Fedora? Fedora RPMs does not
	seem to have any (this is a minor problem, I can write it myself).
* How to tell all user's sessions "use this PulseAudio daemon"?
	Should I set an environment variable PULSE_SERVER somewhere
	in GDM session startup scripts? Or use the default-server
	directive in /etc/pulse/client.conf?
* What about authentication? Is a pulse-access group membership
	the recommended way? Or should I copy ~/.pulse-cookie
	to the home directories of users I want to have access to the
	system-wide daemon?
* Should user apps access the system-wide daemon directly? I have also thought
	about each user having his own daemon, connected to the system-wide
	one by (e.g.) module-native-protocol-unix.

	Thanks for any hints or recommendations.


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