[pulseaudio-discuss] Fwd: Pulse Audio Sample Cache & resampling

keith preston keithpre at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 09:24:17 PST 2007

Ok, well I think I have a decent first run at integrating the fixed point
sampler.  Here is the patch.
http://www.foinse-project.org/pulseaudio/libspeex_v1_1.patch (mailing list
has 40k limit and it is 65k)
  It seems to work well and I got my channel doubler working correctly so it
should also convert from one to two channels.   I'd like for someone else to
try it out for a sanity check.   I'm only using generic fixed point from
libspeex so there should be lots of room for speed improvements. You should
be able to apply this to the tarball 0.9.5 sources. After building you can
run the pulseaudio daemon with the parameters --resample=libspeex:0   where
0 can be 0-10 and represents quality.

As for clicking problem I was having before,   I can still sometimes get
them when playing through paplay, but not through gst-pulse, weird.

Keith Preston
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