[pulseaudio-discuss] Playing RTP streams

John Morton jwm at angrymonkey.net.nz
Thu Jul 12 06:26:02 PDT 2007

On Thursday 12 July 2007 11:53, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>  On Mon, 09.07.07 17:55, John Morton (jwm at angrymonkey.net.nz) wrote:
>  > The documentation for the RTP send module claims that any client that
>  > supports RTP should be able to play the multicast streams it creates,
>  > however, in practice, I'm at a loss to figure out how to get any of
>  > mplayer, vlc or helix-player to pick the streams up.
>  >
>  > Anyone know what sort of URL to supply clients that don't speak SAP?
>  You can use mplayer for this. Just run "mplayer rtp://"
>  an replace the IP address/port number with the values you have
>  configured the pa module with.

Doing netstat -nu picked up the default group ( and the port, so I 
feed that to mplayer. The good news is that it buffered something. The bad 
news is that it had no idea what it was :-( (though on one occasion it 
guessed video, displaying something that looked like a crashed C64 :-)

I assume it should be picking up something like raw DV audio?

>  Also, afaik VLC can pick up the SAP announcements if you configure it
>  to subscribe to the right mcast group.

VLC seems to understand the idea of listening to the right multicast group, 
but does nothing in practice. 

I'm all out of other player options; nothing else in Debian Etch or Ubuntu 
Feisty seems to support multicast RTP. 

(Though actually a reliable Windows client will do, as I can just use 
pulseaudio on linux boxen.)


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