[pulseaudio-discuss] Clicks or buzzing on Bluetooth

Brad Midgley bmidgley at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 12:43:55 PDT 2007


> I'm not sure I would use a module to do this. It seems like you could make
> your bluetooth stack a pulse client instead. We have a variety of software
> systems that might want access to the pulse output, so I created a "system"
> sink that is just a null sink. If they want access to it, they can just
> attach to the "system" monitor source. I have yet to see how well that
> actually works in practice, but it means I don't have to worry about all
> those user-level stacks.

we have potential problems with latency so I think I'd want to avoid a
separate process that has the audio passing through it.

> However, if you did want to make a module, alsa might not be the right model
> to follow either. The ALSA interface is pretty specific to ALSA, so its a
> bit confusing. The OSS module is a good reference for a char style
> interface, but it sounds like you have a plan to use pipes, so why not just
> alter the module-pipe to meet your needs?

If there was a network module I would start there--sound devices come
and go, transport is lossy, latency can be problematic, etc.

But it isn't written as a module I guess. Maybe bluetooth would be a
module that provides a protocol like pulsecore/protocol-http.c? I
don't know the terminology or architecture that well and the docs I
did find on extending pulse basically said to look at the source.


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