[pulseaudio-discuss] amd64, pulseaudio, and nspluginwrapper

Jean-Michel Dault jmdault at revolutionlinux.com
Tue Mar 6 12:34:12 PST 2007

Le mardi 06 mars 2007 à 05:45 -0800, Alex Malinovich a écrit :

> By hacking up my /usr/lib directory with some "invalid" (32-bit)
> libraries, I can get as far as having PULSE messages coming out on
> STDERR instead of ALSA messages when I fire up my browser. What I keep
> getting is Connection terminated messages from pulse.
> Note that to get to this point I had to replace some of my 64-bit
> libraries in /usr/lib with their 32-bit counterparts. Some part in the
> whole process seems to insist on loading the libs from /usr/lib instead
> of looking in my 32-bit libs directory (/emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib).

Then you should modify libflashsupport so that it looks
in /emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib for its libraries.

I'm reworking the code a bit so it's possible to modify the library path
without hacking too much code.

> In the meantime, if you want to at least get some pulse error messages
> (instead of alsa), make sure that your .asoundrc is setup to use pulse,

That doesn't work with Flash, as it tries to access the device directly.
Even dmix is useless.

So you absolutely need libflashsupport, and make sure it tries to access
Pulse. Debugging is rather easy:

You can force any interface by setting environment variables:

You can also get debug information by setting:

Finally, to get latency information for the PulseAudio driver:

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