[pulseaudio-discuss] Enhanced network usage proposal

Pau Rodriguez Estivill prodrigestivill at gmail.com
Tue May 1 17:03:39 PDT 2007

I'm interested in use pulseaudio in thin-clients with a single
application server.
Looking to pulseaudio I sow that every stream are transferred
separated from the application to the server.

After seeing this I want to propose a improvement for pulseaudio. The
application library can mix when transmitting to the external server
and the same sink. Both server and client have to exchange the volumes
and the kind of mixing.

This will permit transfer the mixing of streams and saving bandwidth.
Since this can only be done while the streams go to the same sink if
for some reason the sink of one of the streams change the server will
have to notify to the client library and this will send the streams
separately another time.

This will gain interest if could be possible to extend to all
applications to the same user-space in the application server..

I think that this will be a good enhancement for thin-clients
bandwidth, also maintaining the capability to change the sink of each

Thanks for reading, waiting for a reply.


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