[pulseaudio-discuss] Enhanced network usage proposal

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Tue May 1 23:54:18 PDT 2007

Pau Rodriguez Estivill wrote:
> After seeing this I want to propose a improvement for pulseaudio. The
> application library can mix when transmitting to the external server
> and the same sink. Both server and client have to exchange the volumes
> and the kind of mixing.

There is an inherent problem with that, and that is latency. Currently,
there is (normally) a very short latency between the mixing stage and
the sound coming out of the speaker. This allows you to manipulate
individual streams (e.g. change volume) and get immediate feedback. If
you move the mixing to before the large buffers required for the
network, you lose that.

What you can do with what you have today is to set up a pulse server on
the client side. You'll get something like this:

[ HW ] - [ Pulse server #1 ] -------- [ Pulse server #2 ] - [ Clients ]

I.e. use module-tunnel to connect the two pulse servers. You'd have to
set up a tunnel for each sink though.

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