[pulseaudio-discuss] xine 5.1 channel downmix / gmplayer pulse output

Nikolaus Filus nfilus at gmx.net
Thu May 10 06:04:52 PDT 2007


recently I switched to pulseaudio on ubuntu feisty. I got almost everything
working (again) except 2 things:

1. xine is working great, but if I play an AC3 5.1 file, I hear only 2 of five
channels (1 front and 1 silent back channel). For alsa xine has a downmix
option, but it doesn't work for pulse output.
Should that be corrected in xine's pulse output plugin or is there a builtin
channel downmix in pulseaudio? Mplayer does it as expected, but I couldn't
figure out, where is it done.

2. mplayer works fine, but gmplayer freezes after few played samples and waits
for some event. I get a lot of
futex(0x8bb0af0, FUTEX_WAKE, 1)         = 0
in strace output.
Sometimes there is a window showing up: "AO: [pulse] Failed to get sink input
info: Timeout"

Any hints?


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