[pulseaudio-discuss] xine 5.1 channel downmix / gmplayer pulse output

Pierre Ossman ossman at cendio.se
Thu May 10 23:48:52 PDT 2007

Nikolaus Filus wrote:
> Hello,
> recently I switched to pulseaudio on ubuntu feisty. I got almost everything
> working (again) except 2 things:
> 1. xine is working great, but if I play an AC3 5.1 file, I hear only 2 of five
> channels (1 front and 1 silent back channel). For alsa xine has a downmix
> option, but it doesn't work for pulse output.
> Should that be corrected in xine's pulse output plugin or is there a builtin
> channel downmix in pulseaudio? Mplayer does it as expected, but I couldn't
> figure out, where is it done.

It all depends on what backends you use. The basic problem is probably
that xine is not giving you the same channels you have specified in your
sink. I would suggest using pacmd and checking the channel maps while
xine is playing.

> 2. mplayer works fine, but gmplayer freezes after few played samples and waits
> for some event. I get a lot of
> futex(0x8bb0af0, FUTEX_WAKE, 1)         = 0
> in strace output.
> Sometimes there is a window showing up: "AO: [pulse] Failed to get sink input
> info: Timeout"

No idea. I've only tested mplayer directly. Have you checked that it
doesn't call mplayer with some odd parameters?

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