[pulseaudio-discuss] Communication between puls servers?(again)

Hasse Hagen Johansen hasse-pulse at hagenjohansen.dk
Sun May 20 12:43:41 PDT 2007


I followed the earlier thread with this subject (in the archive)

I would just mention that I also have this problem with pulse playing
fine remote and then falling back to local play with these errors:

pdispatch.c: Recieved unsupported 
command 63

module-tunnel.c: invalid packet

I only get this when using my wireless lan though and not when using
ethernet. I think it is because of the latency in the wireless

Is there any method to solve this(buffer sizes,timeouts etc.?)

Another question. Is there any plans of making a tunnel module which
can resample dependent on the bandwidth/latency of the network
connection..some kind of dynamic resampling on sending system?

I've got an idea about a flac tunneling module(I know that would
require a module for both ends of a tunnel)

I think pulseaudio is quite cool :-) ohh. Better integration with
avahi would also be nice..so I could just click the pulseaudio sinks
that avahi-discover has discovered and then it would just use them

Hasse H. Johansen

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