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CJ van den Berg cj at vdbonline.com
Thu May 31 02:47:33 PDT 2007

On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 08:47:59PM -0400, Paul Jones wrote:
> Hi, I have my flash video working through Iceweasel and using Pulseaudio.
> The problem is that the audio and video are not synchronized. I have been
> able to achieve perfect synchronization in the past but not since I
> reinstalled Debian.
> I used to have these same synchronization problems in the past when I would
> kill the pulseaudio server and restart it from the terminal. Flash video on
> Youtube and other sites would go out of sync but videos played on my own
> system would stay in sync. The only way I would achieve synchronization is
> by restarting the computer.
> Now pulseaudio does not start automatically anymore unless I edit the
> variable in /etc/default/pulseaudio and when Pulseaudio starts it does not
> show up in the system monitor like it used to. Pulseaudio starts
> automatically but it is not listed in the system monitor and iceweasel 
> flash
> videos are out of sync.

If flash is going out of sync it probably means that it's communicating with 
pulseaudio via the esound protocol (assuming it's communicating with 
pulseaudio at all), which is know to suck at getting synchronization right.  
This maybe a permissions problem.  Try starting an audio application or two 
from the command line and check for permission denied errors from pulse.  
Totem would be a good candidate, or perhaps paplay or something.

> /etc/default/pulseaudio mentions that is not the recommended way of 
> starting
> pulseaudio, so what is the recommended way now. editing the conf files for
> autospawn and daemonize doesn't work.
> Anyone have any recommendations.

The recommended way of starting pulseaudio is via gnome-session. In other 
words, go to System->Preferences->Sounds->Sounds and check the "Enable 
software sound mixing (ESD)" option. Then Gnome will start pulseaudio 
automatically when you login.  This requires of course that you install 

> On a less important note, my gnome system sounds are not working. I'd like
> some suggestions for those too.

In the same dialog where you turn on ESD you can also turn on Gnome system 

CJ van den Berg

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