[pulseaudio-discuss] Problem with 0.9.7 and Audacious

Hasse Hagen Johansen hasse-pulse at hagenjohansen.dk
Fri Nov 16 10:38:47 PST 2007

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Jost <thomas.jost at gmail.com> writes:

    Thomas> Hi, I have the same kind of problem with mplayer (svn
    Thomas> version) and its pulseaudio output : shorts pauses about
    Thomas> every seconds, which makes it impossible to watch
    Thomas> anything.

    Thomas> I noticed that if I don't load module-x11-publish (or if I
    Thomas> run "pax11publish -r"), things work nicely. And if I then
    Thomas> run "pax11publish -e" it starts not working again.  In the
    Thomas> same time everything works perfectly with xine and mpd,
    Thomas> without having to disable module-x11-publish or anything
    Thomas> else.

    Thomas> This problem first appeared when I upgraded from PA 0.9.6
    Thomas> to 0.9.7, without any modification of mplayer. I tried to
    Thomas> recompile it since then, but it didn't change anything. It
    Thomas> happens on my AMD64 Gentoo laptop as well as on my i686
    Thomas> Archlinux workstation.

Ok. Now I have just tried pax11publish -r and also unloading
module-x11-publish with pacmd, but it didn't help. I don't have the
problem with mplayer at the moment, but earlier today when I was
trying different things...trying to use the xmms pulse plugin with
audacious made audacious just close and after that my mplayer didn't
work properly too, but that disappeared after I had the computer
shutdown, and mplayer is working fine right now

But until further no luck with audacious with it's pulse plugin(alsa
output to the pulse alsalib plugin works)


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