[pulseaudio-discuss] Module-tunnel unloading itself - protocol error, kicking client.

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Nov 28 13:27:25 PST 2007

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Client is x86_64 and client is i586, but I've played music via a tunnel
> all day today with the same setup at work. The server at home is an EPIA
> in an NFS root fs (read-only). Any thoughts/musings welcome :)

For the benefit of others:

<coling> mezcalero, and anyone else. Any idea how to debug the issue
with tunnel's dying due to protocol errors? I'm happy to dig into it but
woudl appreciate some pointers to try and narrow it down (reported on ML)
* zanaga has quit ("leaving")
<neurocyte> coling, that's a know problem, module-tunnel is broken in 0.9.8
<mezcalero> sjoerd, coling: as I already announced on this channel the
tunnel module in pa 0.9.8 is totally borked
<mezcalero> i have no fix yet
<mezcalero> the problem is:
<mezcalero> module-tunnel says it speaks protocol version 12
<mezcalero> the pa server does too
<mezcalero> but because i actually never update the module-tunnel code
to protocol 12
<mezcalero> it will not understand the opcodes properly
<mezcalero> there are two ways to fix this
<mezcalero> the trivial one:
<mezcalero> just make module-tunnel pass 11 as protocol version
<coling> mezcalero, neurocyte ahh OK, I didn't see that message, sorry :/
<mezcalero> should be one line fix
<mezcalero> the complicated one:
<mezcalero> update it to understand the whole new protocol
<mezcalero> i think for packaging 0.9.8 the simple fix is sufficient
<neurocyte> mezcalero, the one liner sounds cool to me! ;) (for now at
<mezcalero> i am not going to commit it upstream
<coling> mezcalero, yeah, sounds like a nice easy fix ;)
<mezcalero> let me have a look
<mezcalero> i will find the spot for you
<neurocyte> mezcalero, line 1148 of module-tunnel.c?
<mezcalero> bingo
<mezcalero> just set that to 11 or so

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