[pulseaudio-discuss] Yet another pulsified libflashsupport.so

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Sep 3 14:59:30 PDT 2007


A couple of days back I hacked up my own version of libflashsupport
with PulseAudio support, very similar to jmdault's version that is
available from http://pulseaudio.revolutionlinux.com/PulseAudio
I made this version now publicly available in my new GIT repository.

The big differences are that my module uses a more correct way to
detect whether PA is available and that I use the "complicated" PA API
which makes the threading a lot cleaner and less redundant.

Get the sources here:


git clone http://git.0pointer.de/repos/libflashsupport.git/

I hope to merge this back into jmdault's version eventually. No need
for useless duplication in this area. But for now this is the version
I push into Fedora 8.

Have fun,


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