[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio sends out zeroes to sound

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Tue Sep 4 05:39:06 PDT 2007


> The primary reason for this is that most audio drivers produce
> relative loud crackling noises when you open or close them. Upstream
> ALSA is now working on minimizing these issues, but currently you get
> those even with the newest intel-hda drivers.
> OTOH keeping the devices open is indeed detrimental for power
> consumption and hence PA from SVN (lennart branch, the upcoming 0.9.7)
> now features a new module "module-suspend-on-idle" which will suspend
> all devices when they are idle for too long. For the ALSA case this
> means that the device is closed when idle.

> So, if you want to save power and have sane sound drivers+hardware,
> load that module. If you don't care about power consumption or care
> about those crackling noises, don't load them. The default config will
> now load it.

Tht sounds good w.r.t to unloading  when idle for longer time ..

But for now,say i keep the device open, and i avoid writing zeroes to it
wen no client is attached,
which i tried to do by commenting out writing silence to alsa sound card and
simply return from do_write() .
This apparently hogs the CPU and daemon gets terminated .. So writing zeroes
seems to be a necessary thing ..
Though i dont understand why?


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