[pulseaudio-discuss] Recording with Pulseaudio

Gian Paolo Mureddu gmureddu at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 16:58:53 PDT 2008

Hello, list.

I have had few problems trying to send e-mail to the list, hopefully 
that's all sorted out now. Now onto my issue is that I don't seem to be 
able to record at all with PulseAudio. According to the "perfect setup" 
guide it is recommended that when used with applications such as Skype 
and Audacity, I should temporarily disable PulseAudio in order to be 
able to record with those applications. I have also been unable to 
properly record sound with the alsa programs arecord, aplay works just 
fine, though. What are programs that currently work or are expected to 
work with Pulse Audio for recording?

I just wanted to say that PA is nicely growing up and includes some 
really neat features, and I really hope it becomes such a standard 
backbone component that there wouldn't be many more problems about which 
application supports it and which doesn't, etc. Keep up the good work!

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