[pulseaudio-discuss] system-wide deamon

Muylle Bart Muylle.Bart at skynet.be
Sun Aug 3 02:16:48 PDT 2008


I have a little question about pulseaudio:

- I have setup a multiseatcomputer with 4 users. I wan't have sound on 
the 4 users and I use pulseaudio. I have install the pulseaudio, make 
the default soundserver the pulseaudio, and edit the .pulse/default-sink 
in the home maps.  So the result I can have sound on the 4 soundcards 
but not on the start.

The sound starts always on the user he's first start. example, user 3 
log first on and then user 2 .  The sound goes to the output describe 
for user 3 also for user 2 the sound goes to speakers 3. When I restart 
the computer en first log user 2 in and then user 3 , the sound goes to 
speaker 2 also for user 3 -> speaker 2.

When I changed with the aplet, it works fine. but on restart it's 
changed to the user that have first log-in.

My system is a ubuntu hardy (8.04) with 4 screens (4 users) , 1 
soundcard on the mainboard en 3 usb soundcards. I have install 
pulseaudio with the system-wide deamon.

What should I best do?

I wan't for result :

user1 - screen 1 and speakers 1
user2 - screen 2 and speakers 2
user3 - screen 3 and speakers 3
user4 - screen 4 and speakers 4

I have these result when I change in the applet after starting, but I 
must it have at the start without changing always.

Thanks you for the help,


Bart Muylle

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