[pulseaudio-discuss] Multiseat and pulseaudio -system-wide daemon

Muylle Bart Muylle.Bart at skynet.be
Mon Aug 4 01:25:37 PDT 2008

> The sound starts always on the user he's first start. example, user 3 
> log first on and then user 2 .  The sound goes to the output describe 
> for user 3 also for user 2 the sound goes to speakers 3. When I restart 
> the computer en first log user 2 in and then user 3 , the sound goes to 
> speaker 2 also for user 3 -> speaker 2.
> When I changed with the aplet, it works fine. but on restart it's 
> changed to the user that have first log-in.

Can I change the output in console ?   I can change it in gnome by the 
aplet (padevchooser). I think it must be possible in console.
When I can change the output in console, I can make a script to 
automatic run at logon in gnome and me problem is solved.

I have see in the manual off padevchooser that you can't give options to 
the aplet. Is there another tool to select the default sink ?


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