[pulseaudio-discuss] Macbook Pro specific problem

Alexey Kuznetsov ak at axet.ru
Sat Aug 30 06:08:36 PDT 2008

Hello everyone!

I have macbook pro notebook. I wana ask you about specificity hardware
problem related to this notebook model. In macbook pro microphone placed in
same position with left speaker. As the result when i try to record sound i
got sound echo and can hear my voice. Another problem happens when i spok
with my skype friends. If my firend say sonting they got self voice echo
imidiatly back.

The question is : now i can create trigger when record device (microphone)
is enabled in pulseaudio and some programm ready to record sounds my trigger
turn left speaker output to 0% volume and put all sounds to right speaker?

thx for help!!
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