[pulseaudio-discuss] Help needed with PA for Damn Small Linux. Might Pay

Ace Suares ace at suares.an
Fri Dec 5 04:37:47 PST 2008

Dear friends,

I am building a tool for schools, and in it I decided to use Damn Small
Linux-Not for some tasks. http://damnsmalllinux.org/dsl-n/

DSL works with a 2.6.12 kernel, and that is somehow needed for my

It is beyond my abilities to get pulseaudio working on that specific
platform. I need PA to facilitate sending sound over an ssh connection.
Another option would be to go with Esd.

DSL works with it's own kind of package system, myDSL. The repo is at

What would help me is having a PA packaged as myDSL package.But some
other means of installing PA on DSl is sufficient too.

The project only uses networked sound; there is no need for a local
sound card in this project. However, the project runs as virtual machine
in KVM and it can use the standard sound card, the es1370. My
understanding is that PA doesn't need that to function remotely, so I
would gladly rip that sound driver out of the DSL build.

I would appreciate if you would mail me off list (ace at suares.an) or
on-list if you are interested, and it can be done, and if you could
specify the amount of money that would require, and an estimated ETA of
the project.

There are more details, which are quite well documented, and I'll sent
you the details when you're interested to do such project.

Hoping for a positive answer,


Suares & Co
Gravenstraat 4, Curaçao
gsm: +5999 678 00 60
email: ace at suares.an
web: www.suares.an
fax: +31 848 707 705

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