[pulseaudio-discuss] RTP module patch

Tom Bamford tombamford at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 02:33:34 PST 2008


As a rookie programmer I've never submitted a patch back to a project,
however I recently made a small change to the PulseAudio RTP sender module
to meet my requirements and I'd like to submit the change for consideration
if it helps.

I have been using PA to multicast across different routed subnets and I
found that the session description packets weren't traversing the routers
because their TTL was set to 1. As a recent change to specify the TTL in the
module configuration fixed this issue for the actual RTP packets, I just
copied the same conditional statements in the module-rtp-send.c file. I hope
the attached source file makes things clear - the additional lines are

Kind Regards,
Tom Bamford
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