[pulseaudio-discuss] a little suggestion: start/stop button in pa manager GUI

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Dec 27 10:02:42 PST 2008

'Twas brillig, and H.S. at 27/12/08 00:17 did gyre and gimble:
> Sending the streams of an application to a different sink seamlessly is
> a heck of a job!

What do you mean by this? Personally I find it quite easy with 
pavucontrol, although it could use some UI love for sure.

> I noticed that sometimes one needs to stop pulseaudio and then start it
> again. For now, the solution is to kill pulseaudio process and then
> start is in daemon mode (pulseaudio -D) via the command line. If
> pulseaudio is not running, then pulseaudio manager just shows
> "disconnected" as the status. The user then at first tires to "connect"
> somehow and is confused what is going on.
> Could the developers put a button in pulseaudio that toggles pulseaudio
> for the user? This way, if it is not running the user can clearly make
> that out and click on that button to start it. The Start/Stop button
> could make the pulseaudio manager GUI a lot more intuitive.
> If you rather, I can file a bug in Debian's pulseaudio package for this
> enhancement.
> Having said this, perhaps the developers have a better way to provide
> this functionality to the user. If so, I would appreciate an elaboration.
> I have pulseaudio 0.9.10 in Debian.

This is just putting wallpaper over the cracks rather than underpinning 
the subsidence! It would be much better to find out *why* you need to 
restart pulseaudio and solve that problem instead.

Personally I don't have much problem and with 0.9.12+ pulse now 
autospawns by default when it's needed so you shouldn't really have to 
start pulseaudio at all...

I doubt very much any modification along the lines you suggest would be 
accepted upstream, but I could be wrong.



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