[pulseaudio-discuss] a little suggestion: start/stop button in pa manager GUI

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 16:17:35 PST 2008


I have been using Pulseaudio in Debian Unstable and Testing for some
weeks now. It was a pain to setup a few months ago, but now the setup
works quite smoothly.

Most of the things work, except Kino at present (and possibly audacity).
If I pause or stop a clip while editing in Kino, the sound kinds of
starts looping around a tiny bit and I have to kill pulseaudio to get
working again, which may or may kill Kino too. The work around for now
is to disable audio play back in kino.

Sending the streams of an application to a different sink seamlessly is
a heck of a job!

Anyhow, after these few weeks of using pulseaudio, I have a little
suggestion for the developers.

I noticed that sometimes one needs to stop pulseaudio and then start it
again. For now, the solution is to kill pulseaudio process and then
start is in daemon mode (pulseaudio -D) via the command line. If
pulseaudio is not running, then pulseaudio manager just shows
"disconnected" as the status. The user then at first tires to "connect"
somehow and is confused what is going on.

Could the developers put a button in pulseaudio that toggles pulseaudio
for the user? This way, if it is not running the user can clearly make
that out and click on that button to start it. The Start/Stop button
could make the pulseaudio manager GUI a lot more intuitive.

If you rather, I can file a bug in Debian's pulseaudio package for this

Having said this, perhaps the developers have a better way to provide
this functionality to the user. If so, I would appreciate an elaboration.

I have pulseaudio 0.9.10 in Debian.


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