[pulseaudio-discuss] remote source to local sink

Ulf Behrens ulf.behrens at web.de
Tue Jan 15 01:45:25 PST 2008

Hi folks,

I'm currently running two pulseaudio servers, one on my windows xp 
laptop and one on my linux desktop. I want to stream the audio oupput of 
for example itunes from my laptop to the speakers connected to my linux 
PC. What I've done up to now:

- I'm running 'virtual audio cable' as a virtual soundcard on the 
laptop. This way the audio stream is available as a source stream to 
pulseaudio on the windows laptop.
- I'm using module-tunnel-source to connect from my linux desktop to the 
windows PC. Why is the tunnel module deprecated? What do I loose using 
this module? And how do I establish this connection directly as it is 
recommended in the documentation?
- finally I have the stream I want to listen to as a source in my 
pulseaudio server on my linux PC. How to forward to the sink? I've tried 
to use rtp-send with option loop=1 and rtp-rcv on the same pulseaudio 
instance. It works, but it is not very elegant and I'm flooding the 
network with data which is not really needed anywhere. So I'm looking 
for something like the 'virtual audio cable' for internal use in 
pulseaudio. Any hints? Anyone already working on a solution?


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