[pulseaudio-discuss] remote source to local sink

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Jan 15 06:23:40 PST 2008

Ulf Behrens wrote:
> sorry for being not very precise on what I want to do.
> Let me try again:
> I want to listen to some drm restricted music coming from napster or itunes
> The only speakers which are worth to be called speakers are connected to 
> a linux box (in my office as well as at home).
> I don't need any 'noise' coming out of the speakers of my laptop, but my 
> laptop is the only windows computer around.
> I was already able to get  a test  setup running  but I'm not happy with 
> the network traffic I'm producing:  I'm sending the data once via a tcp 
> connection from my laptop pa server to my linux pa server and then the 
> linux server is sending the data once again via rtp to itself.
> In order to avoid the rtp traffic I'm looking for a way to send data 
> from a pa source to a pa sink. As Colin proposed I'm going to look into 
> gstreamer which seems to allow what I want

Judging by your comments above, I'd go back to my previous mail before I
suggested the whole gstreamer thing.

What you want is a tunnel from laptop to linux. Then you just want to
move the output stream to the tunnel. This is a very simple setup and
doesn't require any complicated setup (at least on linux->linux - I've
not tried on Windows so perhaps something doesn't work properly on this
platform. I will need to play to say for sure!)

The pipeline I suggested before was correct I think:

iTunes -> Win PA server -> Tunnel from Win-Lin -> Lin PA server ->
soundcard -> speakers -> ears.

It's just that the subject of the mail made me thing you were wanting
the control to be in the opposite direction! Personally a better subject
would be "How to output to remote linux pa sink from windows pa server?"

Of course I'd just recommend stripping out the DRM and slapping
everything in Amarok myself but that's another point.... ;)


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