[pulseaudio-discuss] remote source to local sink

Ulf Behrens ulf.behrens at web.de
Tue Jan 15 07:05:40 PST 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> Ulf Behrens wrote:
>> sorry for being not very precise on what I want to do.
>> Let me try again:
>> I want to listen to some drm restricted music coming from napster or itunes
>> The only speakers which are worth to be called speakers are connected to 
>> a linux box (in my office as well as at home).
>> I don't need any 'noise' coming out of the speakers of my laptop, but my 
>> laptop is the only windows computer around.
>> I was already able to get  a test  setup running  but I'm not happy with 
>> the network traffic I'm producing:  I'm sending the data once via a tcp 
>> connection from my laptop pa server to my linux pa server and then the 
>> linux server is sending the data once again via rtp to itself.
>> In order to avoid the rtp traffic I'm looking for a way to send data 
>> from a pa source to a pa sink. As Colin proposed I'm going to look into 
>> gstreamer which seems to allow what I want
> Judging by your comments above, I'd go back to my previous mail before I
> suggested the whole gstreamer thing.
> What you want is a tunnel from laptop to linux. Then you just want to
> move the output stream to the tunnel. This is a very simple setup and
> doesn't require any complicated setup (at least on linux->linux - I've
> not tried on Windows so perhaps something doesn't work properly on this
> platform. I will need to play to say for sure!)
> The pipeline I suggested before was correct I think:
> iTunes -> Win PA server -> Tunnel from Win-Lin -> Lin PA server ->
> soundcard -> speakers -> ears.
I'm afraid I'm too stupid to see the most obvious solution and so I'm 
confusing everyone...

the pipeline above is in principle what I want. The problem is: I want 
to listen to a 'source' on the Win PA server! The data is available as 
something like a virtual line input. Normally one would use rtp-send to 
forward this stream as described in the documentation but the rtp 
modules are not available on windows. And since I'm not very familiar 
with windows I have to be happy with what I have on the windows side. 
I'm able to tunnel my Win PA source stream to the Lin PA. As expected 
I'm getting a new source inside my Lin PA. And when I start a vumeter 
for this source stream I can see the music I would like to hear. What to 
do then, how to send the stream data from a source to a sink? Maybe 
something like:

PA source -> socket -> netcat -> socket -> PA sink      via  the simple 
PA source -> gstreamer -> PA sink

or any other idea?


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