[pulseaudio-discuss] Allowing pasuspender from other users

Alex Malinovich demonbane at the-love-shack.net
Tue Jan 15 19:12:23 PST 2008

I recently set up a couple of extra accounts on my desktop machine for
my roommates to use. The only time they'll ever be using it is when I'm
already logged in on another console, so pulse will always be running as
me. When they log in, things like paplay work just fine, and they're
able to use the pulse output module in audacious to listen to music. 

However, I've been trying to get them set up to play games using snes9x
which, AFAIK, uses OSS for sound output. Whatever it is that it does,
even padsp can't support it, so the only way I can run it is using
pasuspender. Using pasuspender it works great.

Now the problem is, other users can't use pasuspender since pulse is
running as me. I've tried creating a SUID script (launched by an SUID
elf file, since interpreted suid bits don't work), but it doesn't work.
(This is a bad idea anyway, but it's the first solution I could come up

So is there any way to allow other users to run pasuspender and have it
work? I don't mind if I need to greatly lower the security settings for
pulse. Things like auth_anonymous=1 are fine if they'll get the job

Alex Malinovich
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