[pulseaudio-discuss] Python interface to pulse-audio

Hynek Hanke hanke at brailcom.org
Wed Jan 23 07:42:13 PST 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:

> AFAIK there are no python or perl bindings for the pulse library.
> What kind of stuff where you hopping to do (more out of curiosity than
> anything else!)?

Hi Colin,

thanks for your reply. We want to use PulseAudio in TTS API Provider (a 
server developed here in Brailcom as an interface for text-to-speech 
services, it is targeted at accessibility purposes). It is actually an 
implementation of an API agreed on across KDE, GNOME and other 
accessibility projects (see http://www.freebsoft.org).

We definitely want to support Pulse Audio and we consider it for the 
main sound output mechanism, but having the whole system coded in 
Python, we need some python bindings for PulseAudio, which would provide 
ideally the full functionality (at least related to playback, we do not 
need recording).

Please, is somebody considering developing a Python interface or is it 
scheduled somewhere on PulseAudio roadmap? The whole free software 
accessibility (making programs available to handicaped people) has very 
little resources, so if somebody is working on the bindings, that would 
be a great thing for us!

With regards,
Hynek Hanke

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