[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulse with a bluetooth headset

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Jan 24 06:21:24 PST 2008

Leszek Koltunski wrote:
>> There is a plugin for flash (libflashsupport) for this. flashplugin's
>> built in alsa support used to be buggy and would kill pulse - not sure
>> if it still is tho'.
> I dont understand why one needs any special libraries. FlashPlugin 
> can already output sound to an alsa device.So if I add the pcm.!default { 
> type pulse } to my asoundrc, and if pulse correctly implements the ALSA 
> API, any application that correctly uses the API - including FlashPlugin 
> - should be able to just transparently use the new 'default' device, am I 
> wrong?

You are not wrong. That's how it /should/ work. But as I said before the
alsa implementation in flash was (is?) buggy.

>> I suspect that someone will want to write a bluetooth headset plugin for
>> pulse that can detect when a bluetooth headset is activated (which would
>> essentially replace the need to have the bt mac addr in asoundrc. It
>> could be intelligent enough to be configured so that streams with a
>> certain regexp are automatically moved such that if e.g. skype or ekiga
>> is mid call and I just open my headset, by the time I fit to to my ears
>> pulse has already moved the stream across.... that is theoretically
>> possible but not implemented yet.
> Why would we need that? IMHO, the existing bluez-audio does it very well 
> already. I hope I can just define a virtual ALSA device called 'headset' 
> of type 'bluetooth' just like in my asoundrc above, and then Pulse should 
> be able to - completely transparently - treat this device just like it was 
> a hardware sound card. Can it do that?

Yes that would be nice, but they audio device you define does not appear
in HAL etc. so pulse does not detect it automatically so you'd have to
hand configure pulse to add the device too. What I am saying here is
trying to suggest a way that average Joe user can do things
automatically. That's surely nice no?

> The automatic sending of Skype or Ekiga streams to the headset can already 
> be done, can't it? I mean, documentation says that one can assign default 
> audio sinks to individual applications?

Default yes. Not "magically changing when a new sink becomes available".

Once a sink has been assigned it will not change (except in the case
that an audio sink disappears (e.g. you pull out a USB headset) in which
case module-recover-sink will automatically try to move it to another one).


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