[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulse with a bluetooth headset

Leszek Koltunski leszek at 3miasto.net.pl
Thu Jan 24 05:27:17 PST 2008

> There is a plugin for flash (libflashsupport) for this. flashplugin's
> built in alsa support used to be buggy and would kill pulse - not sure
> if it still is tho'.

I dont understand why one needs any special libraries. FlashPlugin 
can already output sound to an alsa device.So if I add the pcm.!default { 
type pulse } to my asoundrc, and if pulse correctly implements the ALSA 
API, any application that correctly uses the API - including FlashPlugin 
- should be able to just transparently use the new 'default' device, am I 

If that's not the case, I claim something is seriously wrong with Linux 
audio system.

> I suspect that someone will want to write a bluetooth headset plugin for
> pulse that can detect when a bluetooth headset is activated (which would
> essentially replace the need to have the bt mac addr in asoundrc. It
> could be intelligent enough to be configured so that streams with a
> certain regexp are automatically moved such that if e.g. skype or ekiga
> is mid call and I just open my headset, by the time I fit to to my ears
> pulse has already moved the stream across.... that is theoretically
> possible but not implemented yet.

Why would we need that? IMHO, the existing bluez-audio does it very well 
already. I hope I can just define a virtual ALSA device called 'headset' 
of type 'bluetooth' just like in my asoundrc above, and then Pulse should 
be able to - completely transparently - treat this device just like it was 
a hardware sound card. Can it do that?

The automatic sending of Skype or Ekiga streams to the headset can already 
be done, can't it? I mean, documentation says that one can assign default 
audio sinks to individual applications?


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