[pulseaudio-discuss] MythTV pulseaudio output, was [ volume control of a playback stream ...]

cal cal at graggrag.com
Fri Jun 27 02:10:47 PDT 2008

cal wrote:
> Colin Guthrie wrote:
>   > I see slomo asked a similar question on IRC today and opened this ticket:
>> http://pulseaudio.org/ticket/314
> I'm not sure that's a valid claim actually. In my code I initialise the
> volume in pa_stream_connect_playback() without problem, and I'm using
> 0.9.10 too. It did take me three days solid to figure out one pointer
> that I wasn't using properly though.

I might have to retract that. Occasionally, I'm getting a situation where
a pa_context_set_sink_volume_by_index() or pa_context_set_sink_mute_by_index()
operation succeeds, but the action fails (duly reported by the callback).
When that happens, volume is pretty much indeterminate. At first I put it
down to some unknown action on my part, eg not doing a full clean/rebuild
after application changes. I'm really not sure. There could well be some
subtle issue there.

cheers, Cal

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